Charlene Richardson

LMHC & life Coach

Break free from emotional struggles and create a life of meaning and purpose!

I help you move towards healing and growth


Do you often feel sad, overwhelmed, worried, ashamed, or fearful?


Do you worry that you are not enough . . . or that you are too much?


Do you question your value and feel like you have lost your voice?


Do you find yourself entangled in relationships that are one-sided, unhealthy, or toxic?

I’m here for you

I provide a safe, cherished place for women to walk through their stories so that they can step forward in healing and empowerment

Together we can walk into the darkness of trauma, shine a compassionate light on your pain and find healing for future days

Be Heard

Walk through your story in a safe and cherished space, held just for you.

Uncover the Truth

Shine a light on your experiences to find purpose in your pain and uncover the truth about your value.

Illuminate Your Future

Unearth the beauty amidst the pain and move forward with healing and empowerment.

Hi, I’m Charlene!

I’m a licensed mental health counselor and life coach who specializes in helping women seeking professional guidance consistent with their Christian faith.

After spending more than 20 years in church work, most recently as the director of a church counseling center, I found myself increasingly burdened for women just like you, struggling with issues of identity, self-worth, depression, anxiety, abuse, trauma, relationship difficulties, or loss.

It is my passion to combine the truths of Scripture with helpful psychological interventions so that women can experience the joy of inner healing that overflows into relationships and impacts future generations.

struggles i can help you address

Depression or anxiety

Abuse, trauma, or loss

Toxic, unhealthy, or difficult relationships

Assertiveness, self-worth, and self-care

Stress management and boundaries

Client’s Testimonials

Counseling isn’t always an easy process, especially when dealing with emotional wounds and trauma. During our time together, Charlene’s office becomes a safe place to share my heart. Charlene exudes warmth, listens carefully without judgment and patiently comes alongside to help me get to the root of the problem. Through her practical and biblical advice I have had much healing. Charlene is wonderful!


Charlene has a gift for creating a safe space that both allows you to feel freedom to truly express yourself and feel validated in your experiences and emotions. She has thoughtful and gentle insights, as well as practical tips. I cannot recommend her enough.

I highly recommend Charlene Richardson as a professional counselor. I met with her mainly to deal with my narcissistic friendship, but I also sought counsel to obtain balance in ministry versus maintaining personal care, learning how to establish better relationship boundaries, and strengthening my personal conflict resolution skills. Her biblical and psychological expertise are a perfect blend that can help clients struggling in many areas to understand, grow and find healing and restoration for their personal conflicts.

Charlene has a gentle way of guiding those around her to reach their full potential. She is an excellent listener and really focuses in on what the client is saying and the needs behind the words. She then gently guides her clients toward thoughts that are healing and helps the client achieve new heights of functioning.

Charlene is an expert at counseling using a client centered approach. From the moment we first walked into her office she radiated and communicated unconditional positive regard with empathy. Due to her excellent interpersonal skills, trustworthiness, flexibility, cultural sensitivity, and self-awareness a bond of mutual trust, liking, respect, and caring developed quickly between both her and my daughter and myself. Charlene helped us to set realistic goals that were engaging and inspiring with a more optimistic outlook while educating us on mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well. She equipped us with the practical tools that were vital for us to make it through the crisis we were going through. Because Charlene accepted us as we were, met us where we were, and had the self-awareness to be with us in our journey the results were true healing, transformation, and saved lives!

Charlene has a true gift of listening and compassion. She makes you feel welcome and heard from the moment you walk in. You truly feel as though she cares deeply, and you sense her desire to help you think clearly. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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